agni plywood dealer in delhi

Agni Plywood Dealers

Ply Boards

Agni Plywood with over 30 years of production experience provides exceptional uniformity as well as quality, making it easy to use in building and construction projects, while constant research and development by its production team ensures all specifications meet today’s stringent building requirements.

Agni Plywood is manufactured with high-density cove and panel

Assembled with auto core composer to minimize gap inside the panel

Tenderized core veneer for strong bond and flatness

Numeric control manufacturing process

Conditioned panel for perfect architectural work

Guaranteed precise dimension and thickness

Edges cut with numeric controlled double dimension saw

Three times treated against termite, borer and micro-organisms

Quality tested in advance lab by IPIRTI qualified person

Bonded with high solid content PF resin and manufactured in India’s best hydraulic press, so there is no chance of de-lamination of plywood, manufactured with pre-joint wider core and panel to avoid the manual fault during assembly of core and panels; this practice reduces the chances of gap inside the plywood, calibrated in highly accurate calibration machine to get the even surfaces with equal thickness at all points, it has high nail bonding capacity and high load bearing capacity.

Block Boards

Agni premium quality boards have high resistant properties against borer and termite attacks. Face veneer, Core veneer and wooden battens are well selected and treated against anti termite and borer chemicals. The wood battens are thoroughly seasoned in scientifically run seasoning kiln plants and then cut with great precision to obtain uniform thickness. These battens are systematically arranged in the supervision of qualified supervisor and utmost care is taken to avoid any extra gap between the battens. Regular test are conducted to maintain the quality of block boards as per the standards of IS:1659. Agni Block Boards are available in two qualities (1) Agni Origin Poplar wood block board (2) Agni Pinacal Pine wood block board. Both are moisture resistant MR grade and boiling waterproof BWP grade.

Flush Door

Agni Flash Doors are manufactured with unique strength booster Xpress Technology, with selected and high quality hard wood timber. Timbers used to manufacture Agni Doors are treated with anti-termite borer chemical before sawing. Frames and battens are seasoned in advance seasoning chamber for equalize the moisture content. All the frames and battens are cut through ripsaw machine and planer for equal size and thickness. Extra lock rail is provided for the convenience of handle and lock fittings. High solid content waterproof PF Resin is used for high strength. All Agni Doors are conditioned before cutting to avoid the warping and twisting; they are finished with highly précised wide belt sander. All doors are strictly checked by IPIRTI trained chemists as per the BIS guidelines.

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