northern laminates dealer in delhi

Northern Laminates Dealers

Northern 800
Laminates is an optimum choice for homeowners who are willing to use laminates. Northern Laminates are available in different patterns and textures. Their products are manufactured and designed to suit every style and meet people’s choice. They use innovative technology to make products to the most stringent world-class standards in tune to its eco-friendly policy of green products. The laminate sheets manufactured by Northern Lam are an ideal choice for;

Doors, Shelves
Modular Kitchen
Desks and furniture etc

.8 mm Laminate
Northern Lam has the most exclusive range of .8mm Decorative Laminate products. They are expert in manufacturing .8mm laminates with the use of multiple laminates. These are used in beautifying several furniture channels such as kitchen cabinets and other furniture items. Northern Laminates Dealers

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